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The Treatment & Recover Center. A limestone facace connects to a wooden and glass building.

The Treatment & Recovery Center (TRC) of Douglas County is the place where our community members come to begin their behavioral health or substance use recovery journey, whether they're simply seeking a life change, or find themselves in crisis and need help now.


The TRC is open 24/7, 365 days a year. No appointments necessary.


You can always call HeadQuarters at 785-841-2345 or 988 to talk to a crisis counselor.


As a behavioral health urgent care leader, we create a safe environment for people to seek the help they need, when they need it. The TRC provides immediate access to care and connects people to community resources that puts them on the journey to recovery.  


The Urgent Care Unit is the front door entrance of the TRC. It serves all Douglas County residents, children and adults. At the Urgent Care Unit, community members will have immediate access to behavioral health crisis assessment and treatment. This may include crisis Observation & Stabilization programs.


Treatment is unique to each person. The TRC offers a Observation unit and a Stabilization unit for adults 18 and over. The main goal for the Observation and Stabilization units is to provide a safe , structured place for those individuals experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis.


The TRC provides individuals the opportunity to receive care coordination, treatment and support. Once you leave the TRC, you will have access to community resources and programs which will help create a stable life going forward.

One person with a pen and clipboard comforts another person.



Connecting to community resources.

The Treatment & Recovery Center seeks to bridge a gap in our community that serves our neighbors and loved ones with serious mental illness and addiction disorders when they are in crisis. Many other resources already exist to help anyone at a different stage in their journey to the life they deserve. 

Father Carrying Child Outdoors
The Treatment & Recovery Center of Douglas County Logo.

Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them – every day, begin the task anew.
- Saint Frances de Sales


1000 W. 2nd Street, Lawrence, Kansas, 66044

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