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  • Ronda Miller

Guiding Light

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Come in! Come in!

We welcome you!

We are the gift

that Douglas County

gave to ourselves.

This is not the end,

but the start of your future and

where your story begins.

Secretly, you might feel miserable,

like a deer in a lion’s cage, but you are tough.

You are not lost trying to kick crisis out alone.

It does not live with you anymore.

Crisis walked you here but community opened

the door where silence is respected and

your voice is heard. You are not alone

on your journey when you need help.

Hope and wellness are felt

in the garden and fulfilled

within rooms where rest,

safety, and compassion

are available for your needs.

Safety may not mean

the absence of danger, but

it can be felt within the presence

of trusted companions.

Children and adults

are accepted for who they are.

New tools are learned

to make strides forward

at an individual pace.

Come as you are, we

are in different stages

of wellbeing on our walk

along life’s pathway.

Come in! Come in!

We’d like you to view a brighter

place than you’ve been before.

Opportunity is yours to choose.

Come in! A light is on.

We will meet you at the door.


By Ronda Miller, in collaboration with the following students: Emma, Mustafa, Charles, Donovan, Trenton, and Jonathan.

A dedication to the opening of the Treatment and Recovery Center of Douglas County, Kansas. June 23rd, 2022.


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